How to make a Ferret's BodyBoard
a0002255_032132.jpgI will explain how to make the Ferret's-BodyBoard in English. But I'm a Japanese,so I am not good at English. Could you please often see the pictures?

a0002255_23522875.jpg Please Measure your Ferret.I think it is important to fitting.(But Almost all ferrets will dislike it. )

a0002255_23585415.jpgThen,You decide the position in which the harness and the collar are installed in the main body.

a0002255_031729.jpgThe harness is installed in the main body with the screws.

a0002255_051298.jpgThe upper surface of body board.I pasted the felt to the main body and concealed the screws.

a0002255_075527.jpgThe back of body board.The pipe that passes the axis of the wheel is installed.

a0002255_011663.jpgThe wheel was found in the specialty store of the radio controller airplane(or radio controller car).

I hope you can enjoy making the BodyBoard.
and I hope that your Ferret will walk again with it.

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by naka3051 | 2010-04-22 00:22

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